Am I an alcoholic?

Do you wonder if you depend too much on alcohol?

Find out with our checklist below

Wondering if you have a drinking problem?

Answer these questions. If you answer YES to 4 or more, you may have a problem. See how you go and if you decide you need help, we are here.


I am getting more and more in debt.

Do you run out of money, have more loans or not enough to spend on things you need because you spend more money on alcohol?

Is your marriage or relationship falling apart?

Are you arguing or fighting more with people you love? Do they respect you?

Is your health going downhill?

Do you miss being fitter and healthier? Are you spending more time worrying about your health, visiting doctors or taking medication to feel better?  Have you put on weight but it’s not due to eating too much?  Do you miss out on activities you once liked doing because you’d rather be drinking?

Are you having trouble at work or school?

Is your career going nowwhere? Have you been fired or arguing with your boss or workmates? Do you sometimes miss work or school because of drinking?

Do you spend quality time with your children?

Do you spend time with your kids and do they enjoy you being with them? Are they proud of you or ever afraid of you?

Are you unhappy, depressed or worried?

Everyone gets depressed and sad at certain times. It’s part of life but if you are sad more than you are happy and you drink to numb the sadness, you have a problem.

Are you reliable and a good friend?

Can people depend on you or do you keep letting people down? Can people come to you for help?

Do you drink before or after work or after school pickup time?

If it’s become a habit and you can’t do your normal activities without a drink, it’s become a problem.

Do you have a parent who is or was an alcoholic?

Research shows that some genes predispose a person to addiction. These genes can be inherited so if you have a close relative, such as a parent or sibling, who struggles with alcohol use disorder, this can increase the chance that you may also struggle with the same addiction.

Have you ever had a 'blackout' from drinking?

Have you ever forgotten what you’ve been doing for hours or even days? Was it because of your drinking you don’t remember what you have done?

Do you drink more now than when you were younger?

If your tolerance for drinking has increased and you have to drink more to feel the same effects, it’s a problem.

Have you tried quitting alcohol before and failed?

It is not easy to give up alcohol. Like any addiction you need help and support to achieve your goals.

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