If you want to drink it’s your concern.

If you want to stop, it’s our concern.

Stop Drinking
One Day at a Time

"A few drinks with my mates is ok"

Tony’s story might sound familiar…

“I work hard all day and I look forward to having a drink with my mates in the evenings. Sometimes I forget myself and end up having too many.  Last week I got stopped at an RBT and blew over the top – the 2nd time this year. I know if I lose my license, I won’t be able to work. I know I have to stop drinking but I can’t. Am I an alcoholic?”

"I never thought it would be a problem"

Katie called us because she couldn’t cope.

“The kids drive me crazy, especially when they first come home from school. A glass of wine helps me cope but now I realise I can’t stop at one and I have to do it every day otherwise I will go mad.  Sometimes I even buy wine instead of food. How do I stop myself reaching for the bottle when the kids are stressing me out?”

Get Support

You know you need help but you can’t do this alone. We can support you.

Set a Goal

Once you have decided to stop drinking, we help you set a goal to stop.

Talk to Someone

We have all been in similar situations so we know what you are feeling.

Meet a Buddy

Let us tell you how we stopped drinking and help you stop too.

Drinking too much?

Congratulations, you have found us and you’ve taken your first big step to stop drinking.

If you’ve ever thought: “I need to stop drinking”, “I have a drinking problem”, “I need help to stop drinking”, “My life is dominated by alcohol”, “Am I an alcoholic?” or “I am not in control of my life”, you are not alone. We have also been there and thought the same things.

We can help you out.  We will tell you how to stop drinking alcohol on your own, support you along the way and our help won’t cost you anything.


Drinking Problem Help Australia

If you need help right now, please call:  1300 222 222 or (07) 3255 9962.  We will put you in touch with someone who can help you near where you live.


How To Stop Drinking Alcohol Australia

Who We Are

If you have a drinking problem and want to know the things to help stop drinking (and get back in control of your life), we can help.  We are a group of local ex-drinkers who know what it’s like to live with a drinking problem. We can share how we managed to kick the habit, stay sober and feel great about it.  We stopped drinking, our lives got better and we can tell you how we did it.

Tips On How To Stop Drinking Alcohol

The first steps in cutting down on your alcohol intake is to make a plan and second, have a great support network. You will find us friendly and non-judgemental and we are totally confidential. No-one needs to know you have contacted us. We know what you are going through and we understand.  Our stories may be a little different to yours, but we are similar in that we drank too much, it became a problem, affected our relationships and life was not good until we stopped.

How Do I Stop Drinking Alcohol

How Do I Stop Drinking Every Night

Are you someone who always wonders how to quit drinking alcohol? This website, Helpmestopdrinking.com, is your go-to hub where you can learn answers to the question “how do I stop drinking alcohol”. We always do our best to provide you with reliable stop drinking alcoholic help that is also effective. If you believe it’s too hard to decide how to stop drinking on your own, then we are here to help. We always work on solutions and make sure you meet your goals of quitting alcohol with relative ease.

Thinking about how do I stop drinking every night can be stressful so why don’t you stop drinking one day at a time? If you think that it is not possible, it is the time to rethink. We give you tips on how to stop drinking alcohol to help you lead a meaningful life. People always find us reliable and helpful whenever they wonder how to stop drinking alcohol in Australia. We always wish for your well-being and this is why we strive to keep you happy from inside. For quick drinking problem help in Australia, let’s connect right away. Why bother thinking about how to stop drinking in Australia? Just partner with us and start your new journey to stop drinking.

Next Steps

Talk to us and we will help you take small steps to getting and staying sober.  When you call, we will put you in touch with someone locally who can meet you, share their story and help you make a plan and start you on your own personal road to recovery. Everything is on your terms. There are no obligations, no embarrassing questions and it’s all FREE and confidential.

I've tried to stop drinking before and always fail. How can you help me?

We have been in your position and we understand what you are going through. We will tell you our stories and support you in making small steps to achieving your goal of not drinking. We can help you make a plan today.

Will anyone know I have been talking to you?

No-one needs to know you have contacted us. Our service is completely anonymous and you don’t need to be embarrassed. If you can tell a friend or family member then we can also support them in helping you.

How much does it cost?

Nothing! Our help is completely free and has no hidden fees, contracts or obligations.

   What Now?

You have made the first step in finding us. Please call us now to start your journey with us. We look forward to supporting you and welcoming you to our friendly group of happy, successful ex-drinkers.

How To Stop Drinking On Your Own

Personal Stories

“I felt I was going mad!”

I was a square peg in a round hole. I felt like I came from outer space. I picked up a drink at the age of twelve, after my two sisters had their wedding receptions in our home. I left school at fourteen-and-a-half to work with my father as a bricklayer. The money was good. But I was not cut out for it. I would have liked to be an artist and paint people and landscapes.    Read More

“I started at ten”

When I was ten years of age, I was given a glass of whisky and drank it straight down. It burnt and took my breath. Throughout my drinking years I did not touch whisky again. At sixteen, I had my first experience of getting drunk.  Read More

“I had to learn the first step”

By the end of my drinking at age 32 I didn’t look too bad – at least on the outside. I had a lovely wife and two kids, we owned a nice house and I drove a nice car.

But on the inside I was a complete mess. I was unable to hold down a job and even getting casual work was increasingly difficult.  Read More

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Your Journey to Stop Drinking Today!